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Nowadays, access to banking is as easy as never before. The simplicity of financial solutions is a huge advantage. It can also entail a lot of traps. I will gladly give you hints on what to look for when choosing a loan and how to avoid unexpected costs.


Individual strategy

Thanks to the ability to compare offers and requirements of several banks in one place, the services I provide meet the needs of all clients. It does not matter if you need a consultation on a small loan, loan-financed real estate or investment. Write me and find out how I can help you succeed.

Let's meet

The first meeting aims to select the best offers of banks in which the client can receive financing. The purpose, creditworthiness and form of employment should be taken into account

Contact with the bank

In most cases, it takes place without the client's participation, only the application and previously collected documents necessary for analysis are required. It is often better to submit an inquiry to several banks in order to be able to negotiate the price or hedge against a negative decision

Loan payment

Contact with the bank which meets your expectations takes place after obtaining a loan decision. Pay attention to all factors affecting the price. The loan is usually paid automatically or up to three days in cases of a higher loan amount.


Why you should use the help of a specialist

It saves time and money, which are always worth saving in order to be used in a more effective way.
Do not waste time comparing loan offers. You will get and arrange everything in one place. I know the loan-granting process very well and I know how you can get a decision quickly and effectively. I am rewarded by the bank for every acquired client. I care about long cooperation, that is why I will try to get the lowest price for your loan.

I specialise in obtaining cash loans. In the first half of the year, I managed to acquire over 4.7 million for my clients. The bank where you have funds is not always the cheapest option. This is one of the main reasons why my clients place their trust in me.


The minimum own contribution to buy a real estate is ten percent. Sometimes you can get better terms with a larger amount. What are the differences when loan-financing real estate from the primary market and the secondary market? I will gladly help you in the process and, if necessary, in finding a real estate.

The loan market is also available to foreigners living in Poland. What requirements must a potential borrower meet? I will gladly present to you the solutions and possibilities which a person without a Polish passport must meet in order to receive a loan.


Contact me

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I invite you to a meet my office in the centre of Warsaw. I am an advisor with clients practically all over Poland, which is why I will be happy to meet you in a different place.

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